Break Up With Your Homepage, 'Cause I'm Bored: Moving Beyond the Universal University Homepage

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Two rows of navigation, a carousel, three news items, three events, three alumni profiles, a social media aggregator, and a fat footer. Look familiar? Ever hear someone say that you could take the logo off your website and it would look like every other institution out there? If you’re cringing or laughing nervously, this webinar is for you. (Ariana Grande said it best.)

During this webinar, we'll arm you with the tools you need to make your next website redesign, starting with your homepage, distinct and compelling.

What You'll Learn:

  • Why the universal university homepage phenomenon happens.
  • Five strategies for avoiding the “regression to the mean”.
  • The most important research and data to leverage in defending your decisions, educating your stakeholders, and dispelling popular myths about user experience (three-click rule, anyone?). 
  • Key steps to take in between redesigns to set yourself up for longterm success. 

Presented by:

Voltaire Santos Miran, co-founder and co-owner, mStoner, Inc. 

VoltaireSantosMiran0472 ROUNDAs co-founder and co-owner of mStoner — works with our clients’ teams to forge and sustain transformative, memorable, and incredibly effective partnerships. He shapes all aspects of mStoner’s individual projects, overall planning, and company-wide management in his role as co-founder and co-owner. A natural storyteller, Voltaire enjoys teaching others how to tell stories and using his expertise in information architecture, content strategy, and governance to move institutions from a project mindset to a process mindset.