How to create a roadmap for better content, regardless of the size and structure of your institution.

Planning, organizing, and maintaining college and university web content is challenging. Competing priorities, resource limitations and siloed departments all have the potential to derail content projects.

Whether you’re preparing for a large-scale website redesign, a capital campaign microsite, or just refreshing a few key pages, you want to get the right content to the right audience on time and on budget.

During the webinar, we'll share practical examples and techniques that you can use to avoid common pitfalls of content delivery for your next project. You'll learn: 

  • Which content questions to ask early in your project
  • What roles you need to consistently produce quality content
  • The pros and cons of centralized and decentralized content creation
  • How to prioritize when you have large amounts of content to create or review
  • How to plan for a workflow that incorporates faculty review

Presented by: 


Shannon Lanus, Director of Content Strategy and Services for mStoner, Inc.

As content strategist, Shannon works to make sure great content and amazing design coexist in every mStoner project. She crafts persuasive digital stories for our clients that are informed by their business goals as well as mStoner’s market research and effective audience engagement methods. Shannon is adept at creating new content as well as reimagining existing content to help an institution tell its story in fresh, efficient, captivating ways.


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