Yield season is here. Is your website communicating the information and calls-to-action that accepted students are looking for?

Students have a very important decision to make over the next few months. They're feeling pressured to make the right choice and will likely compare the pros and cons of each college or university in detail.

Providing a great user experience and highly relevant content to accepted students is more important now than at any other stage in their journey. Your website is one of their most trusted resources and must assist with three key things:

  1. Ease anxiety during the waiting process

  2. Reaffirm reasons to choose your institution

  3. Strengthen connections with counselors and faculty

mStoner’s website checkup will arm your team to make immediate design updates and content improvements to your most marketing-critical pages to better yield accepted students.

In less than four weeks, you'll have a roadmap toward improved content, design, and user experience that includes:

  • Objective feedback
  • Actionable information for immediate site improvements
  • Better user experience for your target audience
  • Priorities for long-term website success

Submit the form to indicate your interest. We'll be in touch soon to discuss customized approaches and pricing.