Collecting data is important, but it’s what you do with the data that matters.

Do you struggle with the following issues?

  • Developing a process to routinely collect and centralize data
  • Synthesizing and analyzing data from multiple sources
  • Optimizing marketing and communications efforts based on insights
  • Measuring outcomes that link back to strategic initiatives

To be successful, today’s higher ed marketer must make data-driven decisions and connect digital performance back to strategic and financial goals. mStoner Insights will help.

Your data is more than a bunch of numbers to us. In it, we see opportunities to improve brand perceptions, web content, site performance, conversions, organic search traffic, overall user experience, and much more. 

mStoner Insights gives institutions the information you need easily and consistently. Working with us, you'll be able to:

  • Measure what’s working on your .edu
  • Track and increase conversion rates for key actions 
  • Better understand your audiences and their behaviors
  • Establish repeatable processes for measuring results and proving return on your digital investment
  • Identify and implement high-priority website improvements to help you meet your goals

We'll build a digital dashboard that centralizes your data. Each month you'll receive an Insights report with recommendations for actionable improvements and increased optimization to showcase return on investment (ROI) and build rationale for sustained or additional resources. Insights Plus subscribers also receive mStoner's implementation services, which tackle improvements to your design and technology that deliver the most value.

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