Learn how to better communicate with prospective teens at each stage in their admissions journey.

Have you ever wondered what prospective teens are thinking when they receive and read — or ignore — your institution's recruitment marketing and communications? Prospective teen students are the prime audience for many higher education marketers. To reach them, we rely on a set of best practices targeted to teen needs and interests when building marketing and recruitment plans.

Research shows significant disconnect between what prospective teens value and what higher education marketing and enrollment professionals believe they value. Based on three years of research conducted by mStoner, Inc. and NRCCUA®, the resulting presentations and white papers explore where perspectives converge — and where they differ — and how marketers and enrollment professionals can leverage this knowledge.

Receive instant access to white papers, slide decks, and on demand presentations for:

  • Mythbusting Admissions (2015)
  • Mythbusting Websites (2016)
  • Mythbusting Enrollment Marketing (2018)

Research findings will help you improve your enrollment marketing programs and campaigns, to better target prospective students when and where they want to be reached. You'll learn:

  • What teens consider to be the top sources of information about colleges
  • Teen's frank opinions of tactics institutions use to reach and engage them
  • The best channels for boosting visibility among prospective teen students
  • Where to invest your time and energy for maximum ROI on your digital channels
  • What encourages teens to apply to your institution
  • What college, web, marketing, and admissions professionals don't understand about what teens do and find valuable on your website.