Knowing how to do these six things will set up your next site redesign project for success.

Maybe this is your first big website project. More likely, you’ve been here before — say, five years ago, when you thought a fresh, responsive design, streamlined information architecture, and new content management system would transform your digital communications.

Flash forward to today, and you're wondering whether governance issues or aging technology has created the organic sprawl that your site once again has become.

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Make this the year you really own your site and ensure the content and design reflect the quality of your institution.

In this webinar, we cover the six things you need to know to set up your redesign project for success. You’ll learn how to:

  1. Use insights from data to justify a website redesign, and what to do while you’re waiting for budgetary approval.
  2. Set your priorities by determining goals and success metrics around engagement, conversion, brand building, and internal efficiency and collaboration.
  3. Identify blind spots. (Spoiler alert: We have a list of top 10 mistakes that institutions usually make, and how to avoid them.)
  4. Create a strong RFP that great firms will want to respond to, and choose the best-fit partner for your needs.
  5. Create realistic expectations internally around cost, process, and community engagement.
  6. Move your website from a capital project to an ongoing process.