Storytelling and Integrated Marketing and Communications

Storytelling is imperative if you want to build an enduring brand for your college or university. 

The truth is, we could all be better at articulating who we are, what we’ve experienced, and why it matters. In order to tell better stories, institutions must first develop a true understanding of and empathy for target audiences, clarify brand messaging, and then develop staffing and skill sets to infuse storytelling into robust integrated marketing campaigns.

The digital space allows storytellers to immerse audiences even more fully in our stories with the opportunity to integrate and weave video, photography, user-generated content, and other rich media throughout the marketing campaign.

Are your readers at the heart of your institution's story?

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In the final webinar mStoner and BVK Webinar Series
, we'll arm you with the knowledge you need — storytelling principles, concrete planning steps, and best-practice examples — to ensure storytelling is at the heart of your integrated marketing communication.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to develop an on-brand storytelling strategy
  • How to structure your stories 
  • Traits of successful stories and how to measure impact
  • Ways to weave storytelling in your next integrated marketing campaign

Presented by:

Voltaire Santos Miran, co-founder and co-owner, mStoner, Inc. 

VoltaireSantosMiran0472 ROUNDAs co-founder and co-owner of mStoner — works with our clients’ teams to forge and sustain transformative, memorable, and incredibly effective partnerships. He shapes all aspects of mStoner’s individual projects, overall planning, and company-wide management in his role as co-founder and co-owner. A natural storyteller, Voltaire enjoys teaching others how to tell stories and using his expertise in information architecture, content strategy, and governance to move institutions from a project mindset to a process mindset.


Pat McGovern, Vice President of BVK

VoltaireSantosMiran0472 ROUNDPat brings a unique blend of both client and agency experience to the business. Throughout his career he has worked across a number of verticals, with a specific focus on higher education. His clients include Florida Tech, Westminster College, St. Cloud State University and Marquette University. Pat holds a B.S. from the University of Wisconsin - Madison.