With the right team and a solid plan, you can save time and avoid the common pitfalls of website migration. 

A higher education website migration is typically a process in which an institution's website undergoes changes in its platform, content, structure, and UX/design. The old website's content is audited then rewritten, deleted, and/or expanded upon for the new site. 

Whether you’re redesigning your website, or moving to a new content management system (CMS) or digital experience platform (DXP), content migration in higher ed can be a daunting task. 

For institutions large and small, getting content ready to move requires time, attention to detail, and strong communication among key players. Our e-book, The 12-Step Higher Education Migration Guide lays out each actionable step and why it's important. 

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You'll learn:

  • Examples of goals and content that can benefit your migration .
  • Online tools that are helpful in certain steps of your migration journey.
  • How to assemble a top-notch internal migration team. 
  • The tasks that need to be completed to pivot from migration to launch.