For most of us, there are few decisions in life more complex, expensive, or impactful than the college choice.

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The process is highly emotional, fraught with anxiety, and influenced by many sources of information. As marketing and enrollment professionals, we must understand the factors that drive this important choice — as well as the thoughts and emotions our target audiences experience — in order to develop empathy for the groups that we serve. 

Would you like a tool to help navigate these challenges?

Enter the experience map — a powerful tool that:

  • represents your audience’s story
  • draws key stakeholders together
  • uncovers major process gaps
  • guides your priorities and activities

During this webinar, you’ll understand the basics of experience mapping, learn the seven benefits of an experience map, and discover how it can impact your enrollment and marketing strategy.

We’ll showcase examples from institutions that uncovered major process and content gaps as a result of experience mapping, causing them to lose their top applicants. We promise — the results will shock you.

When you download the on-demand presentation you'll receive digital access to a starter map for prospective students, based on more than 350 mStoner client engagements, a decade of audience research, and journey mapping principles.

Presented by:

Mallory Willsea, director of marketing and business development, mStoner, Inc.

MalloryWood0510Mallory believes that sharing resources and cultivating a knowledge exchange across the industry is more important than ever. She is responsible for producing and transforming Higher Ed Live, the agency’s live web show and podcast network, into one of the most respected professional development resources in .edu marketing and communications. Mallory has also been a speaker at HighEdWeb, SUNYCUAD, NEACAC, and other conferences.

Nicole Lentine, business development specialist, mStoner, Inc.

NicoleNicole previously served as an admissions counselor at her alma mater, Champlain College in Burlington, VT. There, she spent nearly 11 years working with high school students and their parents as they navigated the college admission process. At mStoner, she’ll bring that expertise to prospective higher ed clients who want to engage applicants in fresh, compelling ways.