Do you want to learn today’s best practices for UX and site search on higher ed websites?

Funnelback and mStoner have teamed up to bring you the latest insights from institutions across North America.

In this comprehensive report, you’ll find key takeaways from hundreds of surveyed professionals, reviews of over 50 live websites, and a qualitative analysis of current web practices. 

Some key findings from the research include:

  • 43.7% say site visitors use site search — this is a growing trend at the majority of institutions.
  • 74% report website search as a top five website management pain point, citing old or irrelevant results as the leading issue.
  • 71% note website search is more important to visitors today than in 2016.

Download the free white paper to: 

  • Learn the most common website pain points in higher education.
  • Understand the major barriers to implementing a better search solution.
  • Discover the growing trends in higher ed UX and search.
  • Garner insights to shape your college or university's 2020 strategy.

White papers not your thing? We've got you covered. Watch our webinar to see mStoner, Funnelback, and a special guest discuss "The State of Site Search on Higher Ed Websites 2020".