No matter the size of your institution, digital enrollment marketing and communications comes with challenges: competing priorities, schedule and budget limitations, an abundance of (good and bad) ideas for digital next steps, and a variety of stakeholders and subject-matter experts who all want a say in what ends up on the website.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was one tool that could help you navigate all of these challenges? One living artifact you could point to and say: That’s why we’re doing it this way!

Enter the experience map.

Experience maps are graphical representations of the interactions individuals have with a product or service. They’re effective tools for developing empathy and understanding for your target audience by highlighting their thoughts, feelings, and actions as they seek to accomplish a task, such as applying to your institution.

diagram of where content strategy and complex sale overlap

The path to better digital engagement with your prospective student audience starts with an experience map. When you understand what information your target audience is looking for, when they’re looking for it, how they’re searching, and why, you’re able to identify areas needing improvement in engagement, content creation, and so much more.

Your website is your institution’s No. 1 recruiting tool and marketing channel. When it comes to planning a site redesign or implementing changes and enhancements to your site, an experience map will be your most valuable tool.

During the webinar, we’ll show you seven ways an experience map can improve engagement with prospective students. You’ll learn how to use an experience map to:

  1. Create stakeholder alignment.
  2. Develop user-centered content.
  3. Capture institutional knowledge.
  4. Prioritize your efforts.

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Shannon Lanus, Content Strategist for mStoner, Inc.

As content strategist, Shannon works to make sure great content and amazing design coexist in every mStoner project. She crafts persuasive digital stories for our clients that are informed by their business goals as well as mStoner’s market research and effective audience engagement methods. Shannon is adept at creating new content as well as reimagining existing content to help an institution tell its story in fresh, efficient, captivating ways.